Patient Experience Starts with
Perception of Cleanliness

Cart-mounted tablets automate EVS workflows, training, checklists, and more.

See available rooms, rooms to clean, and rooms in progress stats in real-time.

Integrates with bed management software for status sync, work orders, and more.

Have increased accountability, cleanliness, and a greater dregree of efficiency.


EVS technician or housekeeping works through specific checklists for each room.

Measure productivity, compile staff statistics, gain a new measure of accountability.

Technicians can access training or instructional videos related to rooms or tasks.

EVS staff can add photos and videos to request repairs and submit work orders.

Optimize Your Patient
Satisfaction Scores.


Now you can reward productivity and incentivise improvements in EVS performance.

Customizable solution allows you to monitor important stats for better HCAHPS scores.

Specific issues can be dealt with immediately with iRoomStat direct message feature.

Reduce costs by running a more efficient, higher performing, EVS technician staff.

Improve Staff Morale, Engagement,
and Retention.


When it Comes to Your HCAHPS Scores, Facility Management Matters

iRoomStat is a solution designed to automate and optimize the age-old process of bed and room management. Now you can maximize the perception visitors have of your facility. Reduce costs, boost staff morale, and measure every detail automatically with iRoomStat.


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